Create a Meeting channel
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If you want to have your Meeting channels structured in your channel tree, you need to create Meetings channel.

You can set Meetings channel from channels settings:

  1. Create a channel;

  2. Go to the channel context menu by clicking on 3 dots button next to the channel name;

  3. Click on channel settings from the channel context menu;

  4. In the channel setting window click on Meetings Settings;

  5. Click on Install and Activate.

When a Meetings channel is activated you can create Meeting channels under it to discuss a meeting details (topic, participants, time, etc.).

How to create a Meeting channel:

  1. Click on Create new Meeting link under Meetings channel

or click on New Meeting from Meetings context menu;

2. Fill in the fields in Creating Meeting Channel window and click on Create.

A Meeting channel is created!

You can create Agenda Item channels under Meeting channels.

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