What is a Relay Baton

We live in a fast-moving world and get tons of information every day. Therefore it's so easy sometimes to forget about a thing you need to do as soon as possible or about an issue your teammate asked you to draw attention to. What can be better than reminding about essential things and bringing them in focus?
If you want to take note of a message or draw somebody's attention to something, you can use Relay functionality. You can pass a relay baton to you or somebody else with the help of a message. A message with a relay baton is marked with a yellow line in the channel tree and therefore it is always in sight.
If you don't want all channel members to see the relay you've created, you can make it private. Then this relay will be visible to you and the person that you've created the relay baton for.

How to create a Relay Baton

You can create a relay baton from the input field:

  1. Type [email protected] or [email protected] in the input field;

  2. Select the user you want to assign a task to;

  3. Write task text you want to assign to somebody;

  4. Choose the relay baton type: private or public;

Send the post.

Or you can easily create a relay baton from a posted message:

Select ! control from a message context menu;

  1. Select a user/users you want to assign a task to;

  2. Choose the relay baton type: private or public;

  3. Click on V to assign a relay baton.

A relay baton is created!

If a relay is private, only the relay baton creator and its holder see the relay baton. If a relay baton is public, all channel members see that a user holds a relay baton.

If a relay baton creator decides that a task is not relevant anymore, it's possible to Revoke a relay baton clicking on Revoke.

Pass a Relay Baton back

If you have acquainted the message and don't want to bring it in focus anymore, you can pass it back.

While passing a baton back, you can add a comment to it.

After a relay baton is passed back, its creator can dispose it clicking on Dispose.

When a relay baton is disposed, the posts related to the relay are displayed as ordinary messages.

Create a Relay Baton for several users

It's possible to create a relay baton for several users in one message either by mentioning several users in the input field or choosing several users while assigning a relay baton from the message context menu.

In this case, a relay baton creator can manage these relay batons separately.

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