Leverice Channel Types
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Leverice channel types:

  1. Default channels: Announcements, Miscellaneous, Direct Folder and Getting Started. 

    Announcements channel is created by default to make announcements relevant to an entire company or all Workspace members.

    Miscellaneous is created by default for discussion of random/off-topic topics.

    Direct Folder is created by default for bracketing all direct communications with users.

    Getting started channel is a channel gives users a guide on how to start working with Leverice.

    These 4 channels are created in every Workspace by default.

  2. Folder is created to subdivide a Workspace into smaller groups according to some organizational structure - folders can be groups of people, clients, projects, regions, or whatever other categories your work requires.

  3. Public is a channel that is visible and available to all users.

  4. Private is a channel only invited members can see and write in.

  5. Meetings channel is created to gather all subchannels with the Meeting type in one place.

  6. Meeting is a channel dedicated to a particular meeting. It can be created only under Meetings.

  7. Agenda Item is created to add a specific agenda item to a certain Meeting. It can be created only under Meeting.

  8. Jira is a channel created to bracket events and Jira issue channels.

  9. Events is a channel created to stream Jira events about all new tasks/bugs created and their updates. It’s created along with Jira channel.

  10. Jira issue is a channel created for Jira issue discussion. It can be created only by clicking on the Dive button in Events channel.

  11. Direct is a channel created for sending one-on-one messages.

  12. Topic is a channel created to discuss a particular topic with a specific coworker. It can be created only under a direct channel.

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