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After your Workspace is created it's necessary to invite users to it. If you are a workspace creator, then you're granted Administrator role and can invite new members to this workspace. Invited users are automatically assigned a Member role and can only suggest inviting others, and the administrator has to approve this suggestion.

If you are a workspace creator, follow these steps to invite new users:

Click Invite Users link in the Leverice channel tree on the left side of the screen;

Or click on 3 dots to the left of your Workspace name and select Invite Members.

Option 1 

Invite using Invite link:

  1. Click Copy;

  2. Send the link via email or messenger to the person you want to invite.

Option 2

Invite via email:

  1. Type in the email addresses of the people you want to join your Workspace;

    Click Invite.

  2. Click Invite.

A new member is invited!

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