Leverice Workspace Roles
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Every Leverice user has a role:

1. Administrator

The administrator role is automatically assigned to a Workspace creator. There can be multiple Administrators in one Workspace. This role possesses the highest level of unique permissions.

Unique administrator permissions:

  • inviting members to Workspace;

  • access to Workspace invite link;

  • managing members in Workspace;

  • deactivating other users.

The Administrator who created the Workspace can assign administrator roles to other users.

2. Member

A user who joined a Workspace after its creation is by default assigned a Member role. Members don't have permissions unique to Leverice Administrators, but they can suggest certain actions, such as inviting additional users with the roles of member and guest. Suggestions must be approved by an Administrator.

3. Guest

A user invited to Workspace with the role of a guest has the most limited permissions. For example, Guest may see only the folders and channels where he was invited, invite only Guest users, create direct channels only with users from folders and channels he's added to.

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