Open your Workspace settings by right-clicking on the Workspace name in your channel tree, or by hovering the cursor over the Workspace name and clicking on the 3-dot button that appears immediately to the right of the Workspace name.

Set up your Workspace according to your needs: 

  1. Create New folders or channels right under your Workspace;
  2. Sort Subchannels alphabetically, by creation date, by activity or manually;
  3. Invite new members to your Workspace;
  4. Manage members: assign Administrator role to a user, or deactivate users;
  5. Mute a Workspace to stop getting notifications (the message counter will continue to display an unread message count, but alerts will be disabled);
  6. Edit a Workspace name using Workspace “Settings”; 
  7. Mark All Read to clear the unread message indicator with one click;
  8. Expand or collapse your Workspace to show or hide your Workspace channel tree;
  9. Close to leave a Workspace.

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